As I did not provide an update on my investment holdings since December 2017, here are the recent transactions for my portfolio.

Purchased shares in Hanwell Holdings Limited at $0.23 after the steep fall in share price. From an assets-based valuation perspective, I believe that its current share price presents us with an opportunity to enter, with a good margin of safety

Read my detailed discussion here - Hanwell Holdings: Net Cash 70% of Market Cap.

Received $1.10 per share in dividends from DBS, including the special dividend of $0.50. DBS has undoubtedly been my best performer thus far, with returns in excess of 100%. 

I believe that a significant factor for the recent surge in DBS' share price is the decision to increase its dividend payout ratio, with the new dividend policy to pay $1.20 in dividends annually going forward. Currently, even at close to $30, DBS provides a yield of almost 4%. At my average price of $15.01, I am collecting 8% of dividends annually, and I have no plans to divest my holdings.

I remember attending the DBS Annual General Meeting back in 2017 at Marina Bay Sands, and one key takeaway that I got was how DBS has managed to stay far ahead of its competitors in the e-payments sector. CEO Gupta shared that DBS was the first-mover to introduce the DBS PayLah! app as an e-payments platform in Singapore, which spurned many of its rivals to jump on the bandwagon. Mr Gupta also mentioned how Singapore is lagging behind China in terms of embracing e-payments. DBS' digital developments were recognised when they were awarded the 'World's Best Digital Bank" by Euromoney in 2016. Coupled with strong growth in their wealth management segment, DBS remains my top pick among our local banks.

Received $0.05 per share of dividends from SGX. For Q1 2018, SGX reported their strongest quarterly earnings in a decade, with net profit exceeding $100 million.

With my 3-month summer break ahead, I aim to do more in depth analyses of companies on my watchlist, and continue build a diversified portfolio.

Take a look at my latest portfolio here: My Portfolio

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