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  1. Alpaca,

    Congratulations on your courage to start your investment journey while still being an undegraduate. i am new to Spore stock market and am beginning to build my portfolio,

    What is the benchmark of market capitalization when you are referring to mid-caps in SGX?

    1. Hi Albert,

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      I believe that it is difficult to assign a specific market capitalization value to mid cap stocks. However, a good benchmark would be the FTSE Singapore Mid Cap Index. According to this article, the average market capitalization for the constituents is $2.5 billion. (https://sias.org.sg/files/SGXMarketUpdates/19122016-FTSE-ST-Mid-Cap-Index-Extended5Yr-Gain-to46in2016YTD.html)

      May you enjoy a rewarding investing journey!

  2. Hi AlpacaInvestments,

    Ahh.. Wonderful. Congratulation on starting your investment journey early :) Nice to see another fellow young adult that is prudent!! Looking forward to learning from you :)

    Do you mind if we were to exchange blog roll? :p