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Dear fellow investors,

Welcome to my blog! 

I'm currently an undergraduate studying accountancy in one of the local universities. My ideal career would be either in private equity or venture capital, as the analytical process involved greatly interests me. I believe in working hard, while concurrently putting our money to work. I currently have a low five-figure portfolio, accumulated from working part-time jobs, my National Service allowance and my savings. 

I started this blog to share my thought process when I make investment decisions. I have had a few years of investing experience, since I began reading The Intelligent Investor during my National Service days. I believe in constantly learning and improving our investing acumen, and I am thankful to have learnt a lot from the local blogging community. The open discussion of ideas allows us to understand the different perspective investors may have towards a certain stock.

My investment style would be to look out for companies with strong fundamentals, preferably those that are stable, dividend paying businesses with strong cash flows. I aim to purchase these shares when they have been sold down due to poor market sentiment. Currently, the stocks that I look at are mainly blue chips, but I intend to venture into small and mid caps, as these stocks as a whole have been proven to outperform blue chips in the long run. A portion of my portfolio is also allocated to ETFs.

If you're a young adult reading this, I hope that you would be inspired to kick off your investing journey soon. It is never too early to start; if you're young, time is on our side. The best way to learn is through experience, and it is definitely better to make mistakes now, when our portfolio is small. When we are older and investing our retirement funds, there is little room for error. However, be sure to read widely and do your own thorough research before investing in any company.

Please feel free to leave your comments on my posts, because I would certainly be glad to hear different perspectives from our investing community. Also, I would greatly appreciate your help if you could like my Facebook page and share my articles. May we all experience a successful and rewarding investment journey!

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  1. Alpaca,

    Congratulations on your courage to start your investment journey while still being an undegraduate. i am new to Spore stock market and am beginning to build my portfolio,

    What is the benchmark of market capitalization when you are referring to mid-caps in SGX?

    1. Hi Albert,

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      I believe that it is difficult to assign a specific market capitalization value to mid cap stocks. However, a good benchmark would be the FTSE Singapore Mid Cap Index. According to this article, the average market capitalization for the constituents is $2.5 billion. (https://sias.org.sg/files/SGXMarketUpdates/19122016-FTSE-ST-Mid-Cap-Index-Extended5Yr-Gain-to46in2016YTD.html)

      May you enjoy a rewarding investing journey!

  2. Hi AlpacaInvestments,

    Ahh.. Wonderful. Congratulation on starting your investment journey early :) Nice to see another fellow young adult that is prudent!! Looking forward to learning from you :)

    Do you mind if we were to exchange blog roll? :p